Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to choose the right homeschool packet for my kindergartner?

A reader asks:
"How to choose the right homeschool packet for my kindergartner?"

Tami's response:
"Since you have already read my post about your mission statement and educational goals, I will jump right in and answer that you should choose your child's curriculum based on their learning style. Each person learns things different. Some learn by sight (visual learner). Some people learn by sound (auditory learner). And some people learn by doing (kinesthetic learner). Of course, there are those people who learn with a mixture of any of these three styles. What I have learned is that I am a visual learner. And I had to adjust the way I taught to fit my child who is an auditory learner. I also have a kinesthetic learner. And I have an visual learner. Once I adjusted my expectations on how to present the material, I looked for curriculum that fit my child's way of learning. I would not give my kinesthetic learner a stack of workbooks. What I did was research, research, research. And I found a program that matched his strong suit in hands-on learning."

Until next time, Tami

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