Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What does the perfect homeschool day look like?

A reader asks:
"What does the perfect homeschool day look like?"

Tami's response:
"Every homeschool day is different. Each day we start out our morning with breakfast, getting dressed, and morning chores. Then we move into the school portion of the morning. I will spend tie with my little ones while my older ones begin their math fact sheets. I am able to answer questions and get them started on their math lessons as they complete the fact sheets. As each child completes a subject he or she moves on to the next subject. I am always available to help explain new material. At some point, we will break from individual studies to work on our group studies in Bible, history, and science. We usually finish our studies by noon. We prepare lunch, finish up chores from the morning, and clean the kitchen. The little ones have nap or rest time after lunch. And the older children pursue other interests, including music practice. I normally spend time in the afternoons working in my home office. And my oldest child usually begins dinner preparations. We eat dinner together as a family most nights, and the evenings are free time."

"That is a loose schedule for us. The children know what to expect with our schedule. But we find that it often has adjustments as we have doctor's appointments throughout the month. We also spend most of the day on Friday doing acts of service for others. I schedule our paperwork school days for 180 days of school per calendar year, and I do not count these service days as school days. I do count field trip days as school days, just as a normal school would count them."

Until next time, Tami

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