Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do I make it more fun?

A reader asks:
"How do I make it more fun and still keep them focused on what needs to be done?"

Tami's response:
"Over the years, I have found that my children remember more about a topic if we do a hands-on project that is related to the subject at hand. This is usually accomplished as apart of a unit study. Over the years, I have used many different unit studies, including KONOS, Five in a Row, Hands of a Child, Amanda Bennett Unit Studies, Knowledge Box Central, and more."

"A prime example of their retention of a subject would be my son who was in 3rd grade. During his annual testing, I had him tested in science and history knowledge. He scored a 9th grade level in science and history that year. This was due mainly to the topics we studied, but he retained the information."

Until next time, Tami

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