Friday, May 01, 2009

How do I teach a child with learning disabilities?

A reader asks:
"How do I teach a child with learning disabilities?"

Tami's response:
"There are many websites and publishers who specialize in homeschooling a child with special abilities. I, personally, have homeschooled children with ADD, ADHD, poor visual acuity, and dyslexia."

"I have done a lot of reading and researching online and at conventions. There are programs available for you. It just takes a little digging to find what fits your child's needs."

"We used the services of an occupational therapist for a while, and she was a vast resource for me in finding materials for my son."

"There is also a small group based in North Carolina called GIFTSNC, Inc. They have a lot of resources and a Yahoo Group. You will find parents that homeschool their children with special needs to be more than willing to help you find resources."

"Homeschooling a child with special needs is a special blessing, and it is something that I am glad I was able to do with my son."

Until next time, Tami

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