Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Are homeschool groups necessary?

A Reader Asks:
"Are homeschool groups necessary?"

Tami's response:
"Homeschool groups are not an absolute necessity, but they are helpful in the homeschool journey."

"I have been a part of local homeschool groups, co-op homeschool groups, state homeschool groups, and internet homeschool groups. Each of these gave me something of value in my homeschool experiences."

"My children have enjoyed the various experiences with homeschool groups as well. They have made friends that share similar values. And for me, having a mom's homeschool support group has been invaluable."

"When I am having a down day, I can turn to my homeschool friends for encouragement. This is true of my relationships in person and online. If I did not have a local homeschool group, I could get along with my online homeschool groups. I just prefer having local friends to go to when needed."

"As far as statewide homeschool groups, I have been a memeber of our statewide group for a number of years. They keep up with legislation in my state, and we band together when bills are introduced to our legislature that threaten our homeschool freedoms."

"So I highly recommend being involved in some level in a homeschool support group whether it be in person or online."

Until next time, Tami

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