Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Can I homeschool if I have a long-term illness?

A reader asks:
"Can I homeschool if I have a long-term illness?"

Tami's response:
"Yes, you can. It will take some planning on your part, but you can homeschool if you or one of your children has a long-term illness."

"I have a friend who has a debilitating disease. And she is able to homeschool, because she has trained her children well, and because she has a plan that her children know how to follow when she has a day when she cannot get out of bed."

"I have had another friend who homeschooled through years of cancer treatment. She is no longer with us, but her children can look back at the time she was able to spend with them homeschooling. From what I have read, her children have continued to be homeschooled by dear friends in their local homeschool group."

"I have personally homeschooled while on bedrest with difficult pregnancies. And I have homeschooled children with on-going medical issues. It takes persistence and flexibility, but it can be done."

"I would suggest that you network with homeschool families in your area. They can be an excellent resource for you."

Until next time, Tami

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