Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why attend a homeschool convention?

A reader asks:
"Why attend a homeschool convention?"

Tami's response:
"Most, if not all 50 states, have a homeschool convention each year. I have always viewed it as a time of renewal for my role as a homeschool mom. For many years my husband would volunteer to watch the children for the whole week-end while I attened our state homeschool convention. Now that we own a homeschool business, attending the convention is a family affair."

"Speaking from my experience as a homeschool mom, I found the speakers at the convention to be so uplifting and informative. Even if I could not attend all of the speakers, I could buy a CD of the talks to take home with me. There were times when I took my older children as particpants, and they enjoyed the talks that were just for teens. It was uplifting to them to meet other homeschooled teens. Our convention even has events scheduled for the teens two of the nights of convention."

"The vendor hall at the bookfair is also a wonderful opportunity for you to view products in person. I have spent many an hour looking at books and buying books in the vendor hall. Many of the vendors are homeschool families, and it is nice to be able to support their endeavors. And I enjoy being able to purchase materials that were written with homeschoolers in mind. I encourage you to buy from the vendors at the conventions when at all possible. I have found as a vendor that it is very expensive to attend these shows, and it is such a blessing when you receive sales that make your investment worthwhile."

"So I encourage you to attend a homeschool convention. It is a great way to recharge your batteries."

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